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In the Light
Mother's Day Service
I'm Still Standing
The End?
Sunday Service April 23rd
So Now What?
Resurrection Sunday Service
Worth Not Worthy
Let's Give Them Something to Talk About
All Who Were Sick
The Road to Revival
Servanthood Is a Response to True Love
Sunday Service February 12th 2023
Too Christian
The Eyes of Jesus
The Key to Godly Things
New Year Preparation
Above All Be Strong and Very Courageous
New Year's Day Sevice
Christmas Day Service
Christmas Eve Service
Sunday Service December 11th
Advent Week 1
Remote Sunday Service
Bible Memory Man Service
Don't Let Death Deter You
But Who Are You?
Before the Judgment Seat
Sunday Oct 9th
A God Recipe: Frustration, Prison, Salvation, Deliverance
Poisoned Minds and Lame Feet
Practice Sword Christianity
Futility of Fighting God
Scattered Evangelism
A Different Way: Acts 10
Sunday Service August 14th
I Saw The Light
Holy Spirit Intentions
A Godly Mission and Purpose
Chosen to Serve; Chosen to Suffer
The Jesus Rub
Fathering God's Way
Better Things
Pentecost Sunday Service
5/22/22 Service
May 22, 2022 Service
Sunday, May 15, 2022 Service
Mother's Day Service
Broken Halos
Jesus Revealed
Resurrection Sunday
Jesus' Promise Land
Returning to Your Promised Land Part 2
Returning to your promised land
God Sees the Real Me
Be Strong and Courageous
Screwups for Jesus
Actionable Love Part 2
Sunday Service
Sunday Service January 30th
Sunday Service 1/23
Church Service
Christmas Hangover
Christmas Eve Service
Christmas Love
Christmas Joy
Christmas Faith
Christmas Hope
Thanksgiving Preparation
Resistance Part 2
Sunday Service
Godly Passion
The People of God's Promise
Sunday Service October 17th
Sunday Service 10/10/2021
Sunday Service October 3rd
Sunday September 26th
Sunday Service August 22nd
Sunday August 15th
Sunday Service August 8th
Sunday August 1st 2021
God of the Improbable
Sunday July 18th 2021
Sunday July 11th 2021
Sunday Service June 6th
Four Soil Ministry
Mother's Day Service
Whatever It Takes
April 25th Sunday Service
Sunday Service April 18th
Miraculous Escapes
Resurrection Sunday
Palm Sunday
Sunday Service March 21st

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