Mission and Values

   Lake View Community Church is a group of people who have come together for the purpose of Teaching, Prayer, Fellowship and Communion. We believe that each individual is called by God for a purpose and they have been gifted accordingly. As we gather together, it is our hope that collectively we can help each other accomplish what we have been called to individually and help fulfill the great commission. 

    While we believe that our corporate time is extremely beneficial to each believer, the remainder of our time each week is equally important. Therefore, it is our goal to equip everyone in our church family for the works prepared for them. This includes our children, youth, men and women. 

    We also believe that that we are all in need of Jesus. Yesterday, today and each and every tomorrow. Our church family is made up of real people, who have real problems and are in need of a real Jesus. While we encourage one another to be Christ-like, we are aware that we are human by nature. We are not always able to walk what we talk. That is where God’s Grace and mercy come into play. We encourage repentance and restoration.

    Lake View Community Church is a bunch of messed up people who are willing to admit they are in need of a Savior. If you have been, are, or think you have the potential to be messed up one day, then we may be the church family you have been looking for.